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Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Exercise, Pilates, 

We welcome visiting instructors from far & wide as with all of our workshop instructors, to hold sessions & practices in our dedicated 420 sq ft yoga studio. It can accommodate 15 yogis max or 10 more widely spread. Much more can be accommodated for the meditation & other events. 

Our sessions are mostly via different apps.

So whether you are looking to keep up with your daily practice or for new takes on poses or are simply looking for a quiet spot to meditate indoors as you look into the forest, we’ve got you covered :)

Some pictures are also from our brand new solid wood outdoor gathering place, to include yoga practices in the forest & relatively bug-free. It could hold 15 yogis with the tables removed.  



We have small exercise equipment at our yoga studio, the more hands-on exercise sessions will also be held outside. They are designed to offer you endurance exercises in an outdoor setting while showing you how homesteaders keep in shape as they do their daily chores :)

We would like to remind all that we have clean feet, no scent, no body odor, and no disturbing/distracting sounds policy.

Kindly enter the studio quietly with clean feet, free of any perfume, laundry dryer sheet scent, body odor, and raise your hand if you have a question or require personal attention from the instructor.

Please bring your own mat if you have pets that shed at home.

Our ongoing sessions are on Wednesday & Sunday afternoons at $5/session.

If you are arriving on a different day, we may be able to schedule a special session for you :)

The sessions are complimentary for our overnight guests. Also free of charge on your birthdays, mother's/father's days.

Please email to book your space and for our session rates.

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