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Emergency preparedness, first-Aid/Survival 

Level 1,




In this workshop you learn basic first-aid skills but also the basics in shelter-building, tree/wood recognition and their uses, walking/marking the trails, listening/hearing, basic tools, food & water, lighting a fire safely,…




Level 2,




In this workshop you learn about medicinal herbs for emergencies, water purification, wild animal defence/avoidance, basic hunting/prepping, ways of protecting yourself & your loved-ones from harm, food preservation, self defence,…




Level 3,




In this workshop, having completed the previous workshops, you will actually be able to finally put your skills to test by remaining in the forest for a full 24 hours on your own or as part of a team.




Don’t worry, you will also be provided with a walkie-talkie to contact us for rescue & extraction upon request :) 




All of our workshops will be instructed by retired armed force officers of various ranks.

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