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Architectural design & Homebuilding

Although all of our workshops are designed around educating you for a sustainable life-style, this particular-one is perhaps the most important one of them all as everyone needs adequate shelter not only for themselves but also for their animals, as greenhouses, storage,…




In this workshop we about types of structures, conventional & alternative.


Whether Earthship, Straw bale, Timber-frame, Stick-Frame, Double Stud-walls, Geodesic, converted Shipping-Container or Bus, Log-home,… you need to know what to expect material, labour, architects, permits (if you decide to apply for one), septic (also if you decided to install one), renewables energy sources,….costs, to availability of material, timing, the actual 2-3D design, terminologies,...


the process/succession,…and finally how long to expect the whole process to take from the site clearing to moving-day.


This all may sound daunting and you are right, it is!


Luckily having just gone through it all, we are here to help you with every step of the way, should you require it :)

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