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Forest Management



Having purchased a once-upon-a-time perhaps clear-cut & unmanaged piece of forest, we had to research & learn what a healthy forest should be like. The succession growth of the different plants, shrubs & trees.


So lets take an educational walk in the forest & learn what makes a soil good for optimal growth, the different trees for the different zones, native species, root-structure, relative proximity for optimal growth, fruit trees,  pruning(when, what, where, how, why), thinning, uses for each one, wind exposure, diseases, hazards, decomposing, eatable mushrooms, preserving for the future and finally, doing the best you can with what you’ve got :)


Come as a spectator or get involved with/in the process :)  

We are neither a business or an organization and as such we currently receive no funding from any governmental or  NGOs. So as a private homestead, we solely rely on private donations that we would receive from you, our donors in return for workshops, stay, etc., when & if we ever get to that stage. thank you :) 

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