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Sustainable Everything!

Off-grid A-Z,


So you want to know if you’re ready to make the move from the daily grind of the city, pollutions, stress, impositions,…


This is a great workshop to gain some exposure and gage what it really takes to be truly off-grid for yourself rather than what you might have heard or watched others do.




This workshop will teach you everything from the cost of a solar assembly & other such alternative energy sources(wood/cookstove/biolite/rocket stove, solar oven, solar dryer), to land, building structuers, labour, material-costs and growing sustainably :)


All of the numbers and claimed/evidence are current and based on our own experience which means not having any friends or family members to assist us, our own life-savings, no connections,... 




There are more advanced workshops on each individual segment if after this workshop you decide that you are ready to seriously move ahead with the sustainable direction/lifestyle :)

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