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Practical Exercises 


This is a naturally evolving & holistic workshop designed to clear your head, help you connect to the natural world, and socialize with like-minded individuals in a serene forest setting. It can start with stick training. The intention is to learn basic self-defense and self-confidence-boosting techniques with nothing more than a stick. These sticks are sourced from our very own managed forest, with no trees brought down for the sole purpose of the exercises. They can be used as walking sticks or staff that you may choose to carve or add other features to. They are generally priced anywhere from $5 to $10, depending on the length, width, or species. From there, we may continue our time by extending our day into a more healing journey either by going for a hike in our forest or working on making more accessible trails & whimsical spaces for future gatherings. We can end our time with wholesome meals & homemade treats :) The cost is $50 per person depending on your length of stay, materials, and meals. Bartering may be posible. Additionally, the fee for workshops or materials such as the staff may be waived for friends who help spread the word, etc. Please note that we are a pet, scent & smoke-free environment.

Forest Path
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