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Organic Agriculture 

This particular workshop will be further divided into sub-workshops as there is so much to learn & cover.




What is Organic Agriculture?


In this workshop we will explore:


Growing Techniques including HugelKulture, Permaculture, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, vertical gardens, companion planting, succession planting;


Ground preparation including Lasagna beds, different types of organic soil additives including manures, compost, sea kelp, egg shells, etc., tarping, no till/broad-fork, mulching, watering), 


Beneficial insects, bee-keeping,


Pests, wildlife & frost protection, weeding-out,


Harvesting, Sith, drying (solar, hanging), preserving, storage. 


Everything Seeds incliuding viability, selection, heirloom, storage, planting/sowing, moon phases,…

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