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Our talent-pool consists of artists, actors, singers, musicians, models,....


Whether you are looking to launch your new business & require a live band, models, artists,..on your opening-day, have a wedding or other special event that calls for talent or are thinking of shooting your commercial or movie here, we can accommodate you with everything you need to make it a success!


For talents;

Have you been told that you have a good singing-voice, are photogenic, play the fiddle, saxophone or the drums well,?

Or perhaps you've always wanted to act, direct, write or set-design but had no opportunity to do.

Well this is your chance :)

Our models too are finally going to represent a true picture of what is a healthy figure, a range of skin-tones, heights,... :)

We do what we can to find work for you in your particular field of interest and we charge no membership fee nor do we refuse anyone :)

Provide us with your own portfolio for free or have us shoot your pictures for a nominal fee of $20(based on an hour-long shoot). 

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