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Just about everything in the main-building is for sale.

We will try to post as many pictures as we can but this is really just a sampling as we are just not able to post every picture.



Whether you are looking to start your seedlings inside or start your plants outside, we can build your planters or raised beds out of solid wood.


Check out our whimsical one-of-a-kind yoga/meditation stools/benches.


We specialize in one-of-a-kind door handles, tables, tabletops, legs, curtain & shower rods, towel racks, toilet paper holders, entry/entrance & interior doors, cabinetry, wood planks, boards & logs and much more!


Also now available are super-healthy Aloe plants in various size colourful pots, some of which are soy-based. $10-$30. Free to our friends & volunteers :) 


Kombucha, scoby fresh or dehydrated.  


Citrus-infused vinegar.


Solid wood yoga blocks/seats in natural, stained or distressed finishes. $10-$20. 

A large selection of heavy gauge stainless steel kitchen tools (serving dishes, gadgets, etc.) 




Property for sale;


There are currently 5 purchasing options. 

1. Per acre. $10K, based on $30K minimum purchase.

2. About 45 acres + a cottage & another outbuilding. $230K,

3. The cottage & the outbuilding on about 1 acre. $32K,

The new main-building on about 5 acres + it's gardens & the new gathering place. $350K


5. The entire 50 acres, gardens & all 4 structures, as it is currently. $520K



More on option #3;

The cottage is best suited for individuals who are either able to live below their means or are looking to use it for storage/workshop etc. This is because it does not have plumbing/running water or electricity. Although built about 10 years ago, this rustic cottage has never been lived in the colder months or heated and as such, it is damp due to the fact that it is completely encased in the forest with little airflow + old windows.

If you are not hardy, you will likely need to reinsulate it and change the pitch of the roof(this will also give you the added loft space as an added benefit).

The property's outdoor structure is nice & dry. It could be converted to a mini-home :)

$32K is an amazing price for the 2 structures on 1 acre of land directly across the KAN.