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Just about everything in the main-building is for sale.

We will try to post as many pictures as we can but this is really just a sampling as we are just not able to post every picture.



Whether you are looking to start your seedlings inside or start your plants outside, we can build your planters or raised beds out of solid wood.


Check out our whimsical one-of-a-kind yoga/meditation stools/benches.


We specialize in one-of-a-kind door handles, tables, tabletops, legs, curtains & shower rods, towel racks, toilet paper holders, entry/entrance & interior doors, cabinetry, wood planks, boards & logs, and much more!























Quality Rolls batteries.

16 in total. The specific gravity of .1265 for 12 of them. 4 were disconnected two years ago, as we did not require more power, they need to be recharged now. They weigh about 130 pounds each. Estimating 70% life remaining.

No warranty or guarantee. Buying as is where is.

Please bring your own voltmeter or electrician.

No deliveries or help loading into your truck.

$240 ea. or $190ea. if all 16 are purchased together. They cost about $600ea. new.

Also now available are super-healthy Aloe plants in various sizes colourful pots, some of which are soy-based. $10-$30. 


Kombucha, scoby fresh or dehydrated.  

Organic rhubarb.  


Citrus-infused vinegar.


Solid wood yoga blocks/seats in natural, stained or distressed finishes. $10-$20. 

A large selection of heavy gauge stainless steel kitchen tools (serving dishes, gadgets, etc.) 


Hardwood ash for your garden, compost, soil, and soap-making,..

Composted teas,

Fresh or dried organic Nettle, Evening primrose, St. John's wort, Mullan, Valerian, 


Blackcurrant plants, 

Solid wood carving blocks,

Walking/self-defense sticks,

All wooden dumbells,

Solid wood mallets/Thor's hammer, 


Property for sale;


With the ever-rising cost of lumber/construction material, tradespersons, delivery, heavy machinery, etc., assessing and pricing a property is becoming a moving target. Add to that the demand for the move-in-ready and better-built structures, families looking for the safety of a community in the country, and selling our property is starting to look like an auction. 

If you see this property with its structures, location, the material used/construction quality, 33 organic raised beds, community, etc. as your dream-home to live and work from, then make your offer accordingly. 

For a more detailed walk-through of the property, please click on our Blog navigation tab on this website and read the "Property For Sale" post.

There are currently 3 purchasing options.

1. 34 acres available. $15K/acre based on 3 acre minimum purchase.

2. Off-grid main-building on 9.8+/- acres + its gardens, the gathering place. All totaling about 3,000 sq ft of living space. A new chicken coop & run and a new clubhouse. $650K. 

The replacement value is well over $800,000.


3. The entire 44 acres, the gardens, 4 structures & woodsheds.



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