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Helping you make the transition from your current life to a more sustainable and perhaps off-grid life.

We all wish for more financial security, more love, more acceptance and more free time to pursue our passions and interests. We also want less stress, less hassle, less conflict and less uncertainty in our lives.

Many of us conduct an in-depth research when we look to invest in a new car, investment options, vacations, a new restaurant…

So why not consult with someone who has actually lived the lifestyle that you are considering?


About you:


For years, you’ve been doing the daily grind. Living in the city with its noise, air and water pollution.  The traffic, the distractions. Perhaps neighbours with their lawns and lawnmowers. Jobs that may or may not sufficiently compensate you financially to overlook the insufferable work policies and practices.

Perhaps a less-than-ideal school system for your kids. Never having enough time to spend doing what you love,  time with your kids or pets, cooking, baking or gardening.


You have decided to exchange your current lifestyle for a more sustainable and meaningful-one.

This is how we can be of service to you :)

We are here to guide you through what you need to know, both before you accept the challenge of such a lifestyle and once you’ve have actually started living it.

Our primary services include providing information on the absolute essentials, the bare necessities, the planning, research, availabilities, readiness, stress-test,…


Additional services  include  addressing how to account for and deal with unavoidable setbacks, hurdles and roadblocks.

These issues are not exclusive to changing lifestyles and are common to any venture. The difference here is that the information we offer is honest and first-hand.

The very fact that we acknowledge and address the existence of roadblocks and setbacks demonstrates this.


What qualifies us to provide consultations to you. Our story?

Like you, we lived a metropolitan life for many decades, going about our daily grind as we dreamt of one day living a sustainable life in the country. When we finally decided to take the leap, we sold our property in the city and made the 4,000+ km journey across the country to our new home, an Ecovillage, or at least what had been advertised as such.

That proved to be our first mistake. Insufficient research and taking the founder’s word at face-value resulted in shattered dreams and unnecessary expenditures.

A little wiser,  we continued our search as we made the long drive back east.

We were having trouble finding anything.  Anything that we could afford, that we could live with or that was suitable for our needs.

Absolutely every step was a challenge in its own right.

Everything from the condition of our temporary accommodations, an imposing neighbour, difficulty locating a property/land to build on, designing our home (this alone was the most taxing endeavor), connecting the many many pieces that were needed to complete the hole that was our home and how those pieces defied the other pieces, the costs, and the cost overruns, the rural road conditions,...

These plus our many other experiences are what qualifies us to help guide you through this chapter of your life, as smoothly as possible :)


Learning from the mistakes and the knowledge gained by our experience WILL save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in costs, lost time, strain on your relationships, anxiety and unnecessary stress.

This is our guarantee to you.


Our regular fee is $35/hour or part.

Our introductory rate is $25/hour or part.

Payable daily preferred.

It’s never too early to start planning, learning, and gathering facts. Don’t wait until the last minute or until your property has sold to contact us because although still manageable and not detrimental, it is better to allow for more time to contemplate and consider your options.

With that said, we would like to invite you to take the first step towards your sustainable life :)

Don’t worry, we are here to hold your hand and navigate you through every step of the way :)

Plus, if somewhere along the way you hit a snag or an unforeseen problem, we’re here to help you solve it.

We do more than help you plan or even “plan B”. We also strive to offer you plans C, D,....Z :)


Employing our services as a gift to a friend or a family member could prove to be lifesaving guidance through otherwise uncharted territory for them.


Additionally, we can conduct a search of your list of properties for you in regards to suitability for your family.  

If you are considering moving to our beautiful province of New Brunswick, you should know that you are not the only one. The word about the safety & affordability of NB has gotten out and properties here are selling quickly. Our advice to you is, don't worry so much about where or how much, rather when. The sooner you purchase your property, the more money you can save. This is money that you can then put towards your other expenses.   

We donate 2% of our net earnings to socially responsible charities, environmental groups, natural disasters, human right and the disadvantaged.
This is all possible by helping you and because of you :)

Thanks! Message sent.

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