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Help us reduce our carbon footprint and the rate at which we are filling our dumpsites by donating your unwanted.

We can recycle nearly everything here!

Here is a list of what we can use;

Natural fibres such as cotton, silk & wool fabrics/clothes. Don't worry about minor stains, rips, missing buttons,..


Old broaches & custom jewellery even if they are missing pieces, 

Buttons. Old, new, small, large,...

Sporting equipment;

Skies, shoes, poles. Baseball bats, mitts & balls. Basketballs & soccer-balls. Archery equipment. 

All tennis racquets & balls. Badminton racquets & birdies. Hockey sticks, skates. Golf clubs. 

Metal weights/dumbells. Rowing machines & exercise bikes. Bicycles of all ages & sizes.  Snowshoes.

If you don't see it listed here, just email us what you no-longer use & would like to donate and we will let you know if we have the room for it.


Household goods; 

Old headboards, footboards & railings. Old wooden doors or newer steel doors. Wooden picture frames. Windows. Chests. Old or older wooden tables & chairs even if broken or missing spindles. Any extra lumber from your project or your barn. Tiers. Ropes. Glass jars & buckets. Old cutlery. Stainless steel or cast-iron pots & pans. Snow-shovels & scoops. Old Apple computers, ipods, ipads, iphones or other phones & tablets. Telescopes. old cameras & watches even if broken. Old cook-stoves. Chimneys. Clay or fire-bricks.

Art supplies such as drawing papers, crayons, pencils, chalk, pastels, ink, canvas, brushes,...


Gardening equipment; 

Wagons & wheelbarrows. Shovels, rakes, pitchforks, pruners,....... Twine. Planters. Potato barrels. Branches, logs & stumps. Rocks of all shapes & sizes. We will even take your leaves, rutting fruits from your trees, grass clippings, ash, old hay, manure & even kitchen compost :)   


Chains. New or old hand-tools(plains, saws, levels, hammers, carving tools...). Ladders, stools & staging/scaffolding. Nails & screws. Nuts & bolts. Old keys. Vice-grips & anvils. Hinges. Parts for whatever. Crowbars/pry-bars. Wiring of all gages & lengths. Pulleys.

Musical instruments;

Violins, cellos, base & guitars. Drums & bongoes. Piano. All wind instruments. Any instrument or related really. 

We may even be able to fix the broken-ones or use them for some other purpose.

Thank you ever so much for sharing & doing your part :)

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