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For Hire/rent :)

As part of our commitment of reducing our carbon footprint we have come up with ways to pool our resources & strengths in an effort to work from home but also reduce costs for both ourselves & our clients..
Web page design;
So you’re looking to get your very own website but don’t know the first thing about it? Or perhaps you know what you want but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend.
Our web design team's current rate is $30/hour :)

Home design;
Our home design team can help you with every step along the way. Wants & needs, dimensions, positioning of your house (solar positioning), septic, slope/pitch of the roof for your location, roof materials (steel, cedar), foundation, drainage, in-ground floor heating, placement of the windows, stick frame, timber frame, logs, straw bale, earthbags,..., insulation, interior & exterior walls, floors, plumbing, electrical, cookstove, sinks, faucets, showers & custom kitchen & vanities and even landscaping, garden(s).
Our current home design team's rate is $30/hour + 2% as general contractors on some outside tradespersons & materials.


Home renovations & carpentry.
We offer a wide range of services on everything from tiling, flooring, cabinetry, building your custom beds, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor structures(baby barns, wood sheds, outhouses, treehouses,....but our specialty it in incorporating whimsical wood into your projects :)
We even have a large selection of wood trims, boards & unique branches for you to choose from.
Our carpentry assistance rate is currently $30/hour using our tools or $25/hour using your tools.  

Our general labour rate is $25/hour.

We recognize that some of you may not wish to purchase your own tools or might need a particular tool in a pinch, so we now offer tool rental!
Double bevel 12" sliding miter saw. $20/day,
Table saw. $17/day,
Skill saw. Battery-powered/portable. $13/day, 
Handsaws. $5/day,
Drill & driver. $15-20/day,
Reciprocating saw, not including the blades. $7/day,
Multi/osculating tool, blades not included. $7/day,
wheelbarrow & a large garden cart(not for heavy loads). $25-30/day,
Nail-guns(framing or 1/2 inch). Nails are sold separately. $17-22/day,
Sanders. Orbital etc. not including the sandpapers. $4-7/day,
levels. Torpedo, 2 foot long,..$3/day,
Squares. $2/day,
Hammers. Framing etc. $2/day,
Measuring tapes. $2/day,
Sawhorses. $8/day for two,
Extension cords. $3/day,
We also sell copper tubes, pex tubes, elbows, screws, floor staples, nuts & bolts :)
Dolly for moving(fridges, boxes, etc). $10/day. 
Loppers. $7/day, 
Ladders, $3-$7/day,

All batteries come fully charged. We can even charge them for you for a nominal fee of $2/battery.
Also offering knife, loppers, or pruning tools sharpening for $1.

There will be a safety deposit required that will be put towards your bill upon the return of the tools in their good working order as pre-rental. To avoid disappointment, please reserve your tools in advance and whatever you do, please take good care of them as they not only will cost you but everyone else, at the very least in lost time. 
Engineered floor beams
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