For decades when we lived & worked at our city jobs, we donated 2%+ of our annual income to charities.

Here & now I am going to do even more!

By paying myself only $12K/year, all other earnings are going to be put back into my many projects in an effort to help the disadvantaged in addition to purchasing & employing locally :) 


We can honestly say that we don’t know whether money brings happiness or not but we do know that poverty certainly does not!

So, with that said, we have made provisions to not leave anyone behind. Regardless of whether you are disadvantaged or find yourself in an unfortunate position that you’re in through no fault of your own, we are here to offer our assistance :)

You will not be turned away from a meal or a workshop just because you don’t have the funds. Tell us a bit about yourself and if we believe that you truly are worthy, we will stop at nothing to help, encourage & empower you towards a better life.

Please note that our help is offered on a case-by-case based and unlimited to the number of individuals but only stop for those who simply require a hand-out.


To our generous donors;

Thank you ever so much for your donations!

We are not at all affiliated to any governmental or non-governmental organization so aside from our own pocket, you are our only other source of funding. 

Again, thank you :)

A big thanks to P.D for staying with us, conversations and sharing your wisdom.

Thanks T & L for the work :)

Thanks J.R for your continued support, for being there for me & believing in me, every time!

Thanks K & E for your visit, generous donation and conversations. You will not be forgotten. Good luck with the next chapter :)

Thanks Robin for staying with us, the pleasure was all ours!

And thanks for the conversations and places that we've both called the home & school in this vast & beautiful country of ours. Small world indeed :)

Thanks J.R for your thoughtful natural mat-deodorizer/cleaner contribution to the yoga studio :)

Thanks Choosy for a smooth yoga session, your humor and the two new take on old poses that we had never been told about by our previous & much more experienced instructors.

Oh & thanks for the seaweed :)

Thanks J.A. for sharing your harvest with us once again this year + your delicious apple cider :)

Thanks choosy for all the lovely compost & leaves!

A big thank you to L & T WD for allowing us to park our containers on their land for so long!

Thank you so much Mark for your lovely gift!

Hoping to employ you to make the rest for money, once you're done with your current projects.

Thank you Miss Choosy for all of your lovely compost :)

Thanks WD's for the amazing eggs! :)

"Dear Darius, I am in so much awe of what you and your group have done. I would be overjoyed to receive ongoing advice and wisdom :). Thanks so much for this offering! Namaste, Jessica"

Thanks Jessica for your kind words & thank you for your donation :)

Thanks Jean for all of your mentorship, for sharing your apples, your gardens and even your leaves & your branches for our Huglekultur :) 

Thanks L.W-D for always accommodating us & your continued support :)

Thank you Babcia-Mama for coming to our rescue when we exhausted our resources :)

Thank you Mom & Dad for believing in our projects enough to provide us with that last push so that we could finish the main-building :)

Thank you Norbert for your $20 donation, for believing in what I'm trying to achieve here & for words of encouragement. You are too kind :)

Thank you so much Norbert my new friend for donating your time. It's amazing how much extra work we managed to do in only two hours!

I really enjoyed our conversations on such a beautiful & productive day :)


Thanks T. W-D for your wisdom, always being in a good mood, seeing value in what I'mtrying to do here & always sharing :)

Thanks Wanda for your donation of the skies :)

Hope you're able to come for a visit once we are officially open :)

Thanks Jenna for the chest. I refinished it & am now using it to display our yoga mats in it :)

Also thank you for the ride & the amazing conversation!

Thanks Aaron for your tips on the local tree recognition/identification/growth,... :)