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Power of positive thinking,



Although some of us have been blessed with everlasting power of positive thinking, many more of us have at some point in our lives suffered from some form or degree of depression.


So what better chance to connect, witness & tap into this setting of perpetual &  positive qui/chi & energy?


For some of us, surrounding ourselves with such energy is really contagious enough to recharge our spirits before returning.


In this workshop we will take you on a tour of everything that is happening in the EcoVillage. 


Everything from living sustainably, practicing yoga, meditation, baking & theatre to our gardens & up-cycling/repurposing in a effort to save perfectly good material from going to landfill.  


Remember that you are always welcomed to revisit us for a recharge :)


Recognizing that for reasons such as schualing conflicts, family/work comitments, travel, disbility or feasibility ristriction, you may not be able to attend these workshops, I'm happy to annunce an alternitive.

Not wanting to leave anyone behind who could desperatly use a friend or just someone to talk to or confide in, you should know that you are only an email away :)

I will do my best to personally be there for you.

And if you find that I was able to help you in any way, please make donation in an effort to keep this door open for yourself or others :)


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