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Experience a sustainable & off-grid lifestyle at our homestead. Learn about near zero-waste, practical exercises, the peaceful tranquility of the forest and the natural world, wholesome meals, connecting with like-minded individuals, and sharing your thoughts and ideas. Learn how to live with what you have. How to lower your carbon footprint. How to work with nature, weather, and renewables. 

Nothing fancy, everything earthy :)

We offer humble & holistic venues for your intimate/small gatherings. Some of our venues include our Yoga/meditation studio, our Gathering-place, our Main-building, and of course our 50 acre forest for weddings, workshops, photo shoots, meetings, etc.



Only 44 acres are now left.

2 private guest rooms at our new off-grid main-building. A double bed in each room and adjoining new bathrooms. $150/night per room based on single occupancy. $50/p for each additional guest.

$50 Discount on rainy days.

One other option for those looking to sleep in nature & yet out of the elements is our closed solarium/sun porch attached to our main building. There is a bunk bed. $50/night p/p. Please note that the space is not heated.


We now have a whimsical 100 sq ft rustic tiny cabin available. It can snuggly accommodate up to four guests. It is not insulated, water, or airtight. It has no plumbing, electricity, bed/bedding/mattress, or heat.

There is a new outhouse within 100 feet of the structure. 

It was designed for milder months for guests looking to get away from the city's noise & distractions as they reflect in the forest and learn how to survive with less.

Breathe the fresh air, connect with nature, and take advantage of the dark skies to star gaze. Guests are welcome to get involved with our daily chores around our nature preserve and many opportunities to learn off-grid, sustainable, survival, bushcraft, gardening & practical exercises skills. 

$30/night and $20/night for each additional guest.


No pets, no smoking, and no open fire of any kind.

Indoor plumbing(water, toilet & shower), freezer, kitchen & meals are available at the main building at an extra user-fee cost.

You are entering the forest at your own rist. Trees can fall, you may cross paths with wildlife, there will be bugs, tree roots protrude from the forest floor, etc.


On rare occasions, if all available spaces are occupied, we may open our yoga/meditation studio for additional accommodation. $50/night p/p.

Meals are not included but we are able to accommodate all/most diets. Farm-to-table from our organic raised beds, eggs from our organic heritage hens, healthy drinks etc.

When visiting us in the colder months;

Please DO bring,

Winter boots,

Winter jackets,

Winter gloves & hats,


Snowshoes & cross-country skies if you're planning on getting out,

Please do NOT bring,

Hairdryers, curling irons, 

When visiting in the warmer months;

Please DO bring,

Light-coloured, long sleeves/pants,

Comfortable hiking shoes/boots,

Light gloves,

Light jackets, 

Meals are available at $25/day p/p for the summer months and $30/day p/p for the rest of the year.

Please note that we are a pet, scent, and smoke-free environment. We are also not set up to accommodate kids. 

If you have a cold, cough, fever, etc. symptoms, please wait until you are well before visiting us. This is not a covid thing but rather our everyday policy.

The property may also be purchased. 


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