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Please note that as the property is currently up for sale, we are not hiring at this point. That said, once we relocate, we will resume our work & construction so please feel free to contact us for future openings. 

At A.N.D. Ecovillage, we are always looking for good help :)

Some openings are seasonal, some part-time & some full-time but all are contract-based. That means that you are responsible for your own insurance, reporting all income, CPP, etc.

The rate of pay is dependent on the position, one's work ethics, reliability, abilities, quality of work,...

Like habitat for humanity & other such organizations, we require you to sign a release form or waiver prior to start of your work.

But unlike all other workplaces, we ask & prefer that you only work when you are at you most productive. So if you're a morning person, that is when you work but you prefer afternoons, then that is your shift :)

No-one will be forced or expected to work on hot, cold or miserable days, outside :)

Please note that preference will be given to non-smokers as we are a smoke-free environment :)

In the order of availability;

Fundraising expert,


General labourers,



Workshop instructors,


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