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The good, the bad & now...

Happy Holidays all!

I'm not religious but I jump at any opportunity to decorate, laugh, eat & celebrate :)

So far you've read my honest posts about what's good about living here & the good moments(need more , lol) and the bad. Those being the slow pace of progress in construction, the "tradesmen" , short growing season, lack of funds,..

Today however I would like to(well I would love it if it didn't exist at all but...) inform you about a couple of replies I had to two unrelated ads that I posted on kijiji.

I wrote; "Looking for someone with a snowblower tractor to clear snow in Knowlesville. Please EMAIL. Thank you."

I wrote it as I did having previously had issues with the respondents who either read what they wanted into the ad or are simply illiterate.

So asking for not just a snowblower but someone with a tractor that would have a snow-blowing attachment on it, much like what you see parked at your local malls.

This is because these guys can clear our circular driveways with only one pass and the equipment is something that nearly every farmer around us already owns.

Also mentioned our area because previously folks would not look-up the address as provided by kijiji and after a few emails & then asking for our address, they told us that we were too far for them & would ask for $$$ more.

And finally asking for emails because, A. the signals here are weak at best, B. I need their response in writing for future reference & C. because I just don't like to talk on the phone.

So here is a response to that ad By "John"; "Call me @ Conformist Ploughing. Where we spew diesel particulate at an astounding rate yet spell the olde fashioned "Back To Nature" "Get-Off-The-Grid" way. 506-555-5555".

Dear "John",

Although you are right that we are off-grid & wish to go back to land, no-where in the ad does it say that! But whatever.

Also off-grid does not mean Amish! In-fact I recently saw two Amish men come out of Walmart with 4 loves of sliced while bread???

Anyway, using vegetable oil from filtered used cooking oil instead of petroleum-based fuel, has been around for about two decades now and is currently used by at least three individuals in this vicinity alone.

Here is my second ad: "Looking for cut, split, dry & seasoned hardwood to deliver to Knowlesville. Please email with your fee."

Again I've mentioned what exactly I'm looking for & where we live because....well you know, sigh.

"Bob" writes: "Of grid back-to-nature folk without wood set aside for an upcoming winter ! Nice."

Dear Bob;

Although you are correct about us being back-to-nature, no-where in the ad do I mention that, nor do I mention anything about not having wood set aside for an up coming Winter! You must be some sort of an out-of-work clairvoyant, lol.

We currently have about 6 cords of 80% softwood as firewood set aside which is what we had room for. Now that we are/have been using some of them & as we have more room, we are looking to purchase more firewood, only hardwood this time.

The softwood that we had was from when we cleared some land to build on two years ago.

So "Bob & John", Please please don't even change 1% of the way you think, do or behave but for god sake, whatever you do, DO NOT have kids.

In short folks, the ugly truth is that, ignorant, imposing, noisy, angry, perfumey?, lol, rip-off artist,.......are sadly not limited to the cities. Oh no, sigh.

But my hope is that even if the per capita number/percentage is the same, the actual number is lower simply because there are less people in the rural.

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