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This & that...or basically an update

Winter came late this year. It was almost two months late!

We even had rain one day in January. It was cold(not as cold as it could have been) last week but they are calling for much milder temperatures this week, yay!

When we start to get real snow on the ground, the next morning, we see so many footprints of different whimsical forest creatures that were completely invisible to us the previous day. They come in different sizes. Some drag their feet, others flop and emboss their prints in the freshly fallen snow under their heavy weight. Still others seem to float as they seemingly skim across the surface of the snow. Some hop and some stop and ponder. Yes, you can totally see that!

But nearly all, wave & meander through, leaving a dotted line sometimes with circles, small and large, as they eventually disappear in the forest.

We are getting far more inquiries this year as compared to last year this time, about our property for sale and the neighbourhood. Certainly a few more families have already moved here from near & far. There is the plandemic factor but also folks who are desperately looking to live as cleanly and neutrally as they can by avoiding the government impositions & the...

There really aren't any other properties for sale than ours and even we are now considering staying put. One of the many families that came to visit us last week, asked if we would consider selling just 5 acres. We really didn't/don't want to do that due to the closing costs and the unfair imposed tax on selling land alone(without any structures).

So we reluctantly agreed, though it's still early days and we have nothing in writing and are yet to engage the surveyors & a lawyer. We will see.

Life goes on as it ever has in our community/neighbourhood and we are still unaffected by much of what is going on in the cities.

With more daylight now, we're starting to dream of gardening again. Our organic garlic before going the ground for this past fall for next August harvest.

Oh, we had lovely email from a recent guest, now a good friend. She is an Ethno-Botanist and stayed with us for a week this past summer. Here is what she wrote about her stay and really how we have treated all of our guests, now friends :)

"Hi Patricia and Darius,

Happy new year!!!!

I hope that you had a wonderful fall and a relaxing and healthy holiday season?

Since staying at your house in August (for the forest school practitioner course), I have thought of you so many times! We had such wonderful and mind-stimulating conversations, accompanied by the yummiest food I could dream of. Many times I even thought I should just hit the road and hang out with you all for another week, haha. Your place is amazing and you two are just wonderful people!!!

Every evening in the winter I use the Calendula balm that Patricia made and it is very good. I even tried to make that wonderful Kombucha but didn't really succeed...Patricia would you share your recipe with me? I don't even know how you got hold of those huuuuuge glass containers (could not find them in the stores yet).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the peace, tranquillity, knowledge, wisdom, laughter and happiness that you shared with me. This was by far the most relaxing and entertaining week in years!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

We don't solisite, we don't advertise, we don't have a social media account to bombard the visitors with false or stretched truths. We try to speak as freely and honestly as we can and it's good to be recognized for that. We also usually share our wholesome meals and natural remedies.

Our guests speak for us and let us know that we are on the right path.

That's all from our bubble.


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