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A simpler life

A Happy New Year to all celebrating the Christian new year calendar.

I celebrate the spring equinox as did my ancient ancestors. The first day of spring signifies the rebirth and A New Day.

Regardless of what you celebrate, some set new year's resolutions and for you that might be to start living a more simpler, sustainable, holistic & peaceful life.

After 20 years of waiting, planning & failed attempts, we finally left our metropolitan lives behind in 2014. Now, after having lived off the grid in the forest and as sustainable as we can, we help others who are considering making a similar move.

Here is a partial list of examples of our sustainability projects;

We strive to reduce our waste to near zero, using renewable sources for our power, heat, construction.

We also built-up our own organic soil over the past 5 years and continue to top our raised beds every year rather than racking/ploughing and destroying the mycelium and other organic organisms living under the surface's scaffolding network.

That incredible rock-free soil is the reason for our amazing produce for our farm-to-table offerings.

Every year, we harvest evening prim rose, St. John's wort, calendula, comfrey, marigold, goldenrods,... to make our own simple organic salves & lotions.

For us, living here in the forest means more than just the above mentioned lifestyle. We forage, build brush-walls for the wildlife, make trails so that we limit our disturbance of the wildlife & other inhabitants that we share our space with. Always remembering that although we paid to have a deed to this forested land, other living beings were here before us and it is they who have the right of way.

More on all of those points once you're here.

Over the past few years, we have had a few guests that were either passing through or were looking to detox from their technology, city distractions, noise etc., and have all be very respectful, excited to learn & experience this simple way of life.

There have been many movies & shows made on the subject. Some show different perspectives while others quietly disclose some of the difficulties of such a lifestyle.

What we offer here are;

Two private guest bedrooms. They each come with a double bed to accommodate two adults. If the need arises, we are able to accommodate an extra guest per room, with a mattress etc. Our rates are $100/p per night, based on single occupancy. $50 extra for each additional guest.

Two guest bathrooms.

Free on-site parking.

Complementary yoga/meditation/exercise sessions at our dedicated yoga studio, twice weekly.

All meals & wi-fi are extra.

We are neither religious or atheists. We do not belong to a cult or a political party(redundant there, lol). We have also been pharmaceutical-free for over 30 years. No judgement but if any of those make you uncomfortable, you may want to search for alternative accommodations.

Here, you get to see how we live with what we have, how we cook or do laundry based on the weather and where the universe wants us to be. How we practice mindfulness and the forest to quiet our minds and more.

You can snowshoe or cross country ski in the colder months and get busy in the garden, trails or other projects in the warmer months. Hiking is a year round outdoor activity here.

Indoor activities are cooking, baking, singing, painting, crafting, knitting, playing board games or making your own. Catching-up on reading, writing a novel or collaborate with others. Story-telling, yoga, meditation, star-gazing and catching-up with sleep are all brilliant ways to heal.

If you are going through stressful or difficult times and need someone to talk to, let us know prior to your arrival date and we will try to accommodate you. This offering will not cost you the $400/hour that you are expected to pay in the city. There will however be a $30/hour fee for our time. We used to offer this time free of charge but it was not appreciated.

If you think that living a simpler life is the right choice for you, we can guide you every step of the way. We offer coaching and even land for sale in our growing organic community.

Please note that we are a pet, scent and smoke-free(cigarette) environment.

Looking forward to seeing and sharing the space and forming long-lasting friendships with you :)


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