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Live sustainably, for a day :)

Have you ever tried living in the moment, living sustainably or quietly, mindfully & peacefully? Have you had much success at achieving that?

If you haven't then you are not alone. Monks & nuns had it easy. They lived in an environment where those practices were not only accepted or understood but actually required!

You, are trying to achieve the same results amidst the most amount of distractions in the history with more piling on at times seemingly everyday!

What with the cell phones, computers & other device's constant notifications. Deadlines, distractions, bad news bombardment(regardless of belief system you have subscribed to). Kids and everything attached to them. Noisy cars or neighbours, sirens. Street lights, traffic lights, car lights, store lights, advertising lights and much more!

It's not easy to find even a second of peace & quiet to reflect...on anything, is it?

If that is truly what you're after, then you pretty much only have two options.

Move. Remove yourselves from all that is destructive & corrosive to your physical & mental health. If you currently reside in a large/r metropolitan, you are lucky, real estate cost-wise, because you have so many options!

How much you can except to pay depends on how much or what you want. In New Brunswick for instance, you can buy land that is water, river, ocean-front or near, and pay $60,000+/acre. You can also choose a super-rural & secluded area that is 3+ hours away from any city and pay only $5,000/acre.

In our organic & growing neighbourhood of South Knowlesville, land generally cost about $15K/acre.

Recharge. If for whatever reason you do not or can not move out of the city that you live in, consider getting out of the city once in a while to recharge your mental & spiritual batteries before returning to life's hustle & bustle.

At our sustainable & off-grid homestead in the forest, our guests get to spend time in the forest or even their private & quiet room, reflecting, defragmenting, disconnecting & deleting what has been weighing them down for years, while learning to single-task, look into the green forest from their rooms. Starry night skies, eat wholesome meals, sleep peacefully or simply do nothing at all.

I personally both have therapist friends or relatives who employ them at $300/hour for their time. If that is not something that you can afford, $150/night for sending a full day in this tranquil setting may be an option.

Perhaps you know someone who is in desperate need of a break. Treat them to a life-change gift rather than less useable short-lived stuff.

What I'm suggesting is that if you are finding that you are always busy doing something, squinting at the screen or even outside just to let less artificial light in or to be able to focus more. If you are always on-the-go, full speed ahead while never managing to catch-up, why not try just listening to the sound of the songbirds, the wind growing through the leaves, the gentle brook running through the forest. Or try just catching your breath by simply taking deep breaths filling your lungs with clean fresh forest air.


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