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Updates :)

I wanted to write this a few days ago was raining!!!...yes in February!

The old local folks would tell you that this has never happened before. I know that I have never experienced rain in February in 40 years and having lived in NB for 8 winters, Ontario & even BC.

Anyway I got busy with other things and didn't get around to writing this post until now.

An alien ship, a moth cocoon or both, lol.

So our beautiful, organic, granola-eatin', Birkenstock-wearing hens have finally decided to start laying eggs again after a 3+ month rest, yay!

It was weird buying eggs while keeping and feeding hens at home but now that the days are longer and their union contract fulfilled(paid vacation), we can look forward to our very own yummy eggs.

I think that in my last post I mentioned that someone bought a property about 10 minutes drive from us. That was about 3 weeks ago. Recently I heard that there were 8 offers on that property and it sold in 3 hours.

I don't have those facts from the agent, rather an agent of a neighbour's son who wanted to put an offer but did not see/hear in time.

I will however have access to the folks who won it, not simply because they will be moving here into that old house in two weeks time but because they have also asked if they could purchase 5 acres of our land.

Yes, so we were contacted by this lovely young family, asking if we would sell them some land in our neighbourhood.

We explained the tax implications of selling land + the many other fees & costs and that it would not be feasible for us to subdivide, for less than $15K/acre. But they were totally fine with that and so we have since proceeded with the work required by the surveyor etc. in order to complete the transaction.

This young family made the brilliant move to purchase and live in that old property outside of our neighbourhood while they have their actual new home construction, in our neighbourhood soon.

So even though we really prefer to sell the remaining 34 acres at once, now that the precedent has been set plus recognizing that not everyone requires land that big, we are going to accept smaller lot size purchase. That will however be a conditioned to a minimum 3 acre purchase.

We are also hoping to offer 3 reputable homebuilder companies to build structures on those parcels of land. The purchasers may choose to do all the connecting the dots on their own or employ us to do that, point of contact, report to them with progress report/pictures etc.

I don't know if this offering will catch on but since so many families from away are now looking for a neighbourhood/community such as ours, it's an option previously not offered by us that should be helpful to them.

I want to say, "that's all for now", but as with always, I know that I have probably forgotten to include other updates, lol.

Enjoy the longer days folks and I hope that you too get to start your new life soon as well :)


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