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Income potential

We recently had a couple of visitors that really wanted us to take to the social media channels to advertise & get the word out about our place & the greater community.

We are aware of the "missed opportunity" of our decision to not have much of an on-line presence.

I just did a quick calculation to show an earning potential from this property.

In addition to accommodation at our other buildings + our camp grounds, we have two guest-rooms at our main-building to accommodate our overnight guests.

They each sleep two guests and we are asking $100/night based on a single occupancy or $150/night based on double occupancy. We have only had three or so guests so far but as I said, we are not on FB etc.

So at $100-$150/night X 2 rooms, you are looking at $200-$300/night or $60,000-$90,000 based on 300 days of the year, giving you two months of the year off for vacation etc.

As we are not a B&B we would ask extra for meals. So $25 a day p/p, for three meals add-up to $7,500 a person or $30,000/year based on four guests.

Now if you decide to hold workshops on sustainable living, organic agriculture, living off-grid, yoga.... you simply add $$/person for those workshops.

Also if you decide to finally open the 24 seat organic restaurant, you have further revenue from that.

There is also our new "Gathering Place" + the 4.5 acre opening in the forest for holding/hosting weddings, events,.... translating to even more revenue.

A thank you to our resent visitors for reminding us of this perhaps most valuable feature of this property for sale.

So if you've always dreamed about working from home while doing what you love and earning a decent living and you really are a social media expert, then this is the answer you've been waiting for.

You can find more information on the pricing & options please read the other featured post and share it with anyone else that has been waiting for just such an opportunity.

We invite you to book a stay with us for however long, either through Air B&B or our site. You can take your time viewing the property and ask questions or even go for our coaching offering.

If you decide to purchase the property, we will either refund your stay charges or equivalent in materials, unites, appliances, extra panels, battery,.....


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