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I made a conscious effort to not listen to the news on any subject and with little to no social media footprint, I only get my news(unsolicited) from neighbours or when I'm in town.

Today, I was inundated with news on every topic from Coronavirus spread/panic, China's economy slowing down, tourism sector slowing around the globe to overheated real estate markets cooling, stock market at it's lowest in 12 years, lay off notices going out, the U.S Election,....................

So I'm thinking that for folks who do follow the news, work & live in cities, this all must be really overwhelming. Am I right? What are you doing about it? What brought you to this site/post?

If you are in a panic or have any concerns then these are all the alarm bells that you need for call to action.

Here is my bit of free advice.

If you have the resources(cash, savings, investments,..) as part of your diversification, if nothing else, invest in a similar set-up as we have here. Sustainable, off-grid, natural resources, community,...

If you don't quit have the resources yet, you need to connect with your friends, family members, co-workers etc. in an effort to pool your resources and get situated.

I am no preper nor do I subscribe to any apocalyptic event about to take place. I do however completely welcome a reset button. What I have always been promoting is sustainability, self sufficiency, community, holistic/preventative healing,...

We spent the last 5 years working on those elements and at great cost, spiritually, physically and financially. So much so that we now have this property on the market mostly due to having spent all of our saving and loans.

What some of you need to know is that, if your plan is to continue with your current lives and wait until....and then impose on people who gave up so much to get situated then you are not being realistic, Do you honestly think that you will be welcomed with open arms? The planners, even if they are not prepers, are ready for takers.

Now for those of you who wish to do it the proper way and now, firstly, this property is for sale. You can find all the information that you need on this website and also blog posts.

But if this particular property is not for you, as a sustainable and off-grid coach, I can help you with everything you need in terms of where, when, how, why, timeline,....

I charge a nominal fee of $25/hour.

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