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Sorry folks but this LOL is at your expense but if it makes you feel any better, that was us a year or two ago. Oh and we are never going to be free of it, lol or :(

Allow me to explain.

So lately I've been in conversation with at least two separate individuals who are completely exhausted & drained over their house plans, wants, needs, wishes & dreams. How the many factors, roadblocks, unforeseen circumstances,.............. are constantly forcing them to change their otherwise or previously well-thought of careful planning.

Some of these little(read big, lol) annoyances are;

Building by code or going below the radar,

Architectural design,

Building material to include own trees in construction,


Choosing the right heating source,

The renewables. How big, where to purchase from, cost, delivery, installation, timeline,.....

Tradespersons and/or other help,

Each one of those lines come with their very own set of challenges, stresses and I've mentioned before, the unknown unknowns. Those are elements that 80% of the people are oblivious to that hit them out of no-where with sometimes devastating & unfortunate consequences.

Your options are to spend your every free moment researching & crunching the numbers and when you're done, go ahead & add a digit at the end of it, lol.

I'm giggling now but I cried for nearly two years over every one of those points, sigh.

Your other option is what I also have mentioned on my blog. Hire someone who has recently gone through it all.

At this stage, you are like a child learning to walk. You could really benefit from guidance of people who just finished a similar project by holding your hand. Just like you would take a friend or a mechanic to accompany you when buying a car, a house or even a teacher to ready you for what is to come after graduation.

The fee is negligible compared to what you have to loose. Your sanity, the stress on your family, shattered dreams due do miscalculation, not being able to predict the future. Future that is in the recent past for some, is still an unknown for


Regardless of how you go about it, I wish you all the best.


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