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I just wanted to start by apologizing for my less than positive & uplifting recent posts, although they were truthful & honest: )

Alright back to Yaay!!!

After over two decades of attending school, Septembers were my least favourite month of the year!

September now is perhaps my most favourite month of the year, Yaay!

While the Summer sun is constant, viral & relentless and the Winter sun is short-lived & mostly unfelt in-terms of it's degree of heat, the Fall sun when piercing through the clouds, brings with it instant lifting of spirits as it makes one physically sit-up & pay attention to it as it inspires you, albeit for a short time before it's covered by thick enough chunk of clouds, until it's pushed away by powerful winds, high up in the sky, Yaay!

This also is the time of the year when the wind moves that layer of...humm... let's call it smog... away from our skies, reviling the blue sky, Yaay!

The crisp morning air & the still warm sun in the mid-day with it's afternoon glow, Yaay!

The cooler nights that bring-out our sweatpants, jeans & other cozy cloths, Yaay!

The missed hot favourite meals that we weren't able to cook or have the appetite for only a month ago due to the intense heat, Yaay!

Oh the Harvest Moon. Let's not forget that. A big Yaaaay!!!

Now as if that al was not enough, for those of us who were lucky enough to have been able to plant a garden, Harvest!

Potatoes, garlic, carrots, beets, tomatoes, Summer/Winter squashes, pumpkins, apples. Another big Yaay!!!

Happy thought :)

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