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Happy + year in review

Where to start, lol....oh I know. But before I start, I want to ask how you're doing? What kind of year did you have? Was it a productive year? Did you get to accomplish at least some of your goals for 2018? Did you have a stressful or at least an uneventful year?

Are you hoping to do anything differently in 2019? I don't necessarily mean any New Year's resolutions.

Feel free to write to me & let me know as some of you already do. And as you noticed from previous post, your replies are not visible or shared with anyone else :)

In an effort to stay positive, I'll not write about my year, lol. just to say that I'm glad to see it end :) there, that's positive.

This tiny, honest, unmonetized(if that's a word, lol) and open site/blog was visited by a couple of thousand viewers in 2018. Some folks in their initial search and some thinking that they are perhaps ready to start a new life. Other's inquiring about available land/property for sale.

Late last year, I also launched a Coaching offering to those looking to learn & gain insight on sustainable & perhaps off-grid living from a former city-folk who made the switch only a few years ago.

I knew that there was a need for such an offering because up until then, I only saw & heard from either older longterm back-to-landers, unrealistic homesteaders OR dishonest writers.

I found that last group the most damaging because while the old back-to-landers were less up to date or current with life in the cities, today's issues or renewables and the unrealistic homesteaders just wearing their perpetual overly-rose coloured glasses, the dishonest group only wanted subscribers=money from the advertisers and they didn't care what it took to get that.

Anyway I'm glad to know that regardless of where folks are going to get their information from, they are looking to make serious changes to the way that they are living now, yay!

I'm happy about the fact that due to unseasonably mild temperatures & lots of rain, we now have clear roads, yaaaaaay!

This romantic idea of a "White Christmas" is a hallmark notion & not one that anyone living in rural setting is missing one bit! Plus, there is still plenty of snow around, not to mention the next waves of it arriving with little break in between. Ok so I wrote this post last week and as I expected we are now getting a snow storm.

I'm happy about the fact that this year(2018) we were able to keep the panels clear + the number of sunny days that kept our battery-bank full :)

I'm happy to be starting a new calendar year. Hopefully one with many exciting possibilities for us all. As always, feel free to share your dreams and what you're intending to accomplish & are excited to do in 2019.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, I'm happy that we have started our journey towards longer days and even though it will probably not be until March when we notice any significant difference in daylight hours, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible...sort of, lol but still, yay!

As for 2019? I'm desperately & somewhat unsuccessfully, trying not to plan. Lots of ideas & projects but one step at a time.

Wishing you all a productive & positive 2019.

If you know anyone who's looking for an honest coach, please direct them here and I will do my best to help them with their transition to their sustainable/off-grid lives :)


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