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Morning all,

Hope the sun is shinning where you're at today :)

As some of my close relations know me, I'm an inventor who is always coming up with ideas to have things run smoother, easier, more productive & efficient. Constantly inventing & re-inventing the wheel. It's not something that I do consciously, rather it's a gift. Some attribute it to ADHD, whatever.

As I sometimes describe myself, I am that first relay runner. I will come-up with the idea or invention and make my 100 meter mad dash. But I have little desire to continue with the other

three legs of the race(copyrighting, advertising, production, marketing,...).

I mean I will be happy to brainstorm and be the cheerleader but I prefer to let someone who's passion it is to market, brand etc. to do their part, just like how my passion is initiating & coming-up with the concepts.

I'm always being told that the reason why non of my brilliant projects & inventions( I'm not too modest to recognize my own good ideas. Hey I recognize/d yours too ) is because I'm not on FB etc.

Are they right? Perhaps...ok they probably are right, lol.

But how can I though? With so much evil, bad behaviour, following your every move, advertising, selling your private data,.....and who knows what else that hasn't been exposed yet, surrounding those platforms.

Plus I'm hearing how people are leaving FB etc. Not fast enough I would say but still.

So with that said, have any of you ever heard of Diaspora? It's supposed to be a fairly new platform that does not have ads,......

Reply to me here or privately to let me know what you think, what you know, what the next big/better thing is and what I'm missing out on.

If you or anyone you know is tiered the same old dead-end jobs that don't go anywhere, office policies, boring,...or is looking to partner with me on some exciting, creative & innovative concepts, let me know. We might be a good fit.

Oh and in the meantime, as I just finished saying that I'm not on FB etc. please kindly share my site with your friends. There are a lot of good & honest information that someone could use + they will not be bombarded with advertising :)


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