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Add a catchy title...this thing tells me

Nearly everything is in full bloom now, though still we see light green new leaves and tender green evergreen tips dotting our forest that consists of at least 60% evergreens.

It's quite a magical site to witness, when walking the trails, land & forest, to see the various size new growth that resemble fairy light bulbs amid the now dark green older growth from the previous years.

It's hard to walk or hike at any speed, as we keep having to stop to marvel at them. Hiking with an elder yesterday who was once from the busy metropolitans of London and New York, now in her 30th year living in the forest, it was amazing to see how uplifting it was for her spirit to witness the new growth cycle still, even after so many decades of now being totally immersed in it!

We are starting to get a decent amount of rain now. They are forecasting roughly 10mm a day, every second day for the next few days. That amount & frequency is perfect for the farmers but as they are calling for breaks throughout the day, it makes it even more

ideal as it allows the soil to soak-in the rain instead of flash rain/floods that are sometimes followed by periods of no rain/droughts elsewhere. Fortunately that is a phenomenon that rarely if ever happens here but with climate change, who knows if we will fall victim to that as well one day.

In other news, have a resident gofer on our property. He's very cute, chubby & squishy(I imagine) and entertaining. Both us & the hens(The Supremes, lol) are quite amused by him? But, despite the super lush and abundant vegetation around the house, he still prefers our parsley & sunflowers, sigh.

Now, we are all about sharing but I love my flowers. In fact I love them just as much or more than the food that we grow.

So while food nourishes my body, flowers and the butterflies that flutter around them, nourish my soul.

I guess this is the universe's way to force us to co-habitat.

Oh recently, a Robin has constructed a nest at the back entrance of the house, between where the west-side solar panels meet the porch roof framing. It gives her complete protection from the rain and other bird's view but not a whole lot of privacy from us as we use the back door countless number of times during the day when we go out to feed the Supremes, tend to the garden or back forest.

She used to fly-off, everytime that we opened the door but today she didn't budge from her nest. I guess she is finally convinced that we are never going to hurt her & her precious turquoise blue eggs :)

We don't have access to many of the resources that the city folks have access to, but what we do have in abundance is the lush green forest, rolling hills, swimming holes, very low population density serenity, safety & peacefulness of the country and whatever bad news that is all the topic of any conversation in the cities & social media.

I have heard and I am aware of some of the recent conflicts. It seems that the division between the corona virus/covid-19 subscribers & non-subscribers have grown to a new height, with the vaccines.

The vaccinated folks don't want to be near the non-vaccinated and the non-vaccinated don't want to be near the vaccinated.

Add to that the unequal division of wealth, the uncertainties, the all time high real estate prices and more, that really makes us thankful for our limited exposure to it all.

If you can, try to spend more time in a natural setting and less time on-line, social media, gadgets or consuming news.

Here is a wintery scene to cool you down during your heatwave :)

Until next time,


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