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A countdown?

Lately, I've been hearing from two of my neighbours who are constantly on social media, that something big may be going down on/around/before or after the 20th?

I personally am not on social media though I've been waiting & hoping for any big event or change, for decades! Could these folks be right? Could this finally be it? I can only hope.

After all, that was one of the biggest reasons why we moved here over six years ago. Unfortunately we didn't manage to completely get situated and self-sufficient as we had hoped. Building costs & limited resources didn't allow for for it. OR perhaps there were other forces at play.

Still we have our little community or neighbourhood of about 32+ adults and 14+ kids in an underpopulated & beautiful province of New Brunswick. Although there has always been lots of water and forests here as natural resources but not a lot of inhabitants until really after we moved here. And now nearly all of us have animals to sustain us in that regard.

I hear and see more folks are coming. The word about New Brunswick's safety, affordability & beauty is getting out.

I realize that not everyone has managed to make the same escape to the country or perhaps even wants to, but if my neighbours are right about that "big" event being just around the corner, then this may be a good time for you to make some previsions. If nothing happens, then it was good insurance but if something does happen, then you're going to be good for a while :)

This may turn-out to be only a U.S thing. Or it may be a spark that starts it all. No-one knows. Correction, I don't know.

Contact me if you require guidance for your immediate previsions leading to the 20th.

After the 20th, if it turns-out to be false alarm or not as bad as they predicted, you may be interested in making future plans to diversify your assets or reduce your risk for the/a future event. Most of us don't know the future and we can only speculate but I would guess that in this case you are afforded a bit more time, you know, weeks or maybe even months rather than days.

I can also help you with your preparations with that as we have been at it and living it for over six years now.

And finally, if you are ready to make significant lifestyle change/s, I am also here to help. Again, provided there is still time as this endeavour would require years and significant resources.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that we are still not fully situated after over six years of working on it everyday plus a few hundred thousands dollars. That said, I don't want to discourage you because it is not impossible to achieve sustainability & self-sufficiency in less time. It does however require more resources and just as importantly mentorship & guidance. Also, our goal was to start a holistic healing centre & retreat rather than simply a homestead but you only require a humble homestead, then your costs & timelines would be different.

Learn from our costly mistakes, plan for eventualities, setbacks, timelines, options and much more by not attempting to do something as colossal as this on your own or with only a web-based knowledge.

Positive Qi


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