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Green goes with everything

It's election year in Canada. In fact the polling stations open tomorrow morning. I voted nine days ago in advance polling. I voted Green and have been since '97.

During this time, I had little luck convincing others that clean air, food and water are the basic elements that we need to survive and thrive, not unions or big business. Preventative care and not pharmaceuticals, preservation of our environment and not destruction of it.

There are many ways of having your voice heard. Picketing and marches are one. I opted for shareholder activism instead. But really, voting may be a more effective way.

Recently I learned about a lady who has started a different approach. From her website;

"In 2008, burned out from too much confrontation, slactivism and clicktivism, and doubting the effectiveness of many elements of conventional activist, Sarah starting looking for alternatives. When she discovered craftivism – a term coined by American writer and crafter Betsy Greer in 2003 – Sarah realized that craftivism could offer what she’d been looking for: something new to add to her activism toolkit.With no projects or groups for her to join, she decided to have a go at creating her own craftivism projects. Soon Sarah had developed her own unique ‘Gentle Protest’ approach to craftivism, and had gained a following of friends and strangers around the world who wanted to get involved. And so, in 2009, the Craftivist Collective was born."

Here is a link to her website and by the way, it, like my website, does not bombard it's visitors with advertising, yay!

Inspired by her good work, I am going to start my own Crafivism Collective branch in my area. Please join me in this beautiful setting if you live in the area or planning a visit.

Our Gathering-place in the forest makes an ideal venue but with winter just around the corner, a warmer venue at our main-building

like the sun-room, the dinning area or the yoga studio would be a toastier venue :)

So thanks Sarah for starting this, thanks Greta Thunberg for your efforts and friends wherever you live, please consider voting Green in your upcoming election year and make a difference.


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