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Restorative yoga

Our certified yoga instructor & friend Kaia has made it back from the big city and we are finally looking to collaborate on starting our yoga/gentle stretches/mindfulness, out of our two studios.

Our450 sq ft yoga studio/gathering-place has 33 windows & 2 gigantic skylight to flood the studio with natural light and is nestled in the forest for optimal contact/emersion with the natural chi.

We are going to be offering free 1 hour sessions every Wednesday from 7-8pm weather permitting.

With 1.5 & 2 hour paid sessions to be scheduled on Sundays.

We would like to invite you to our first ever free session this Wednesday

at 7pm.

Please reserve your spot in advance as the studios only hold 10 practitioners comfortably. Kindly provide us with a 24 hour notice if you are not able to make it so that others on the cancelation list can be given a chance.

Please note that we are a pet, smoke & scent-free environment.


Our first session went very well with all participants leaving all energized with big smiles grateful for the opportunity. The highlight for many, especially myself was the chanting & the sound of ohm, yay!

Here is what is happening this Sunday.


Introduction to Surya Namaskar or 'Sun Salutation'

Let's take a long and leisurely, up close look at the components of Sivananda sun salutation, and how they collaborate with the breath to awaken and energize our prana.

Cost: sliding scale of $10-20


SUNDAY, JUNE 30 - CLASS : 5:30-7 pm

A dynamic 90-minute flow, including

• pranayama

• inversions

• forward/backward bends

Cost: sliding scale $5-15

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