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I recently wrote a post about Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. But I wrote it before the actual dates, imagining what must have been going on at the headquarters, marketing & social media departments,.....of any place or anyone that has anything to sell.

Let us not forget the days of the actual events. The same departments & individuals probably couldn't sleep a wink as they did their last burst of advertising. I didn't really have to imagine this as I was getting 4+ emails a day from the same retailers everyday!

Nothing really new or heavily discounted & nothing really earth-shattering to make me want purchase, even if I didn't need it.

I can just see the folks with their large cups of coffee, glued to their screens as they tracked their SEOs, bounce rates, shopping carts, abandoned shopping carts, they prayed for lots & lots of trouble-free purchase transactions.

After all, there's so much money riding on this kickstart to the shopping season. So much more time & money in trying to cater to the millennials, the boomers,...

It's all so dizzying & draining to imagine, never mind for the ones having to go through it. Still, as I said, this is just the start to a month-long marathon or sprint!

It really should be an olympic sport, honestly. Any person or company that can even come close to a Bronze, should & will be rewarded in sales, bonuses, book deals, workshops, bragging rights,...

But what about you who may or may not be a reluctant consumer? Are you exhausted and drained? Perhaps it's too early to ask yet, lol.

If you are exhausted by the constant bombardment of the sale emails, searching & researching your possible purchases,..try to gift yourself a little gift of disconnection this year, either now instead of having to go through it all or after the dust settles, in January.

Go somewhere quite, somewhere in the nature to get away from the noise, speed & the stress.

I guaranty you will feel better for your new year.

We don't have much here in terms of income & glamour. What we do have is peace, tranquillity, lots of forest, starry skies and nature. Deer, moose, bunny, fox,...prints are what we enjoy seeing.

I'm not suggesting that one lifestyle is better than the other. It's a trade-off.

All I'm saying is that, this year, instead of traveling to some tropical beach or a ski resort, try somewhere quiet to realign.

If disconnecting with the technology and reconnecting with quiet & nature doesn't help you, you can always go back to the typical vacation spots next year.

If you do make it here as your nature and peace destination, you can also learn about off-grid living.

Do bring your snowshoes but you don't need to bring any books. We have lots of books on everything from herbs, gardening, cooking & yoga to homebuilding & homesteading.

Oh & bring your appetite :)


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