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With harvest over and Summer long gone, we began our weeks-long journey of replenishing & toping-up our 34 raised beds(more on what goodies we put into them through our new "sustainable living Coaching"). as they rest for the next 9 months.

Our harvest this year consisted of, beets, garlic, carrots, a few varieties of tomatoes, corn, beans, peas, squashes, pumpkins, two varieties of potatoes. strawberries, cucumbers, rhubarb, black currants, raspberries and herbs such as dill, parsley, sage, thymes, mints, chives., comfrey, plantain, camomile, sorrows. stinging nettles, persolain,...

Some of our more exotic attempts were lavender, turmeric & ginger.

We also experimented a bit with flowers for their medicinal & dying properties. Most of those flowers & plants are all available to anyone, only we're trying to care for and raise them not just as flowers or perhaps weeds as some know them as but as the potent antioxidants & healers that older cultures have come to know them as for thousands of years.

Some example are calendula, marigold, black-eyed sue, daisy, Hawthorne, thistle, burdock, mullan, dandelion, chokecherries,...

It's amazing to know that many of the above mentioned will not only come back again next year, more established now, they will return healthier, stronger & more resistant to insects or weather fluctuations etc.

So we're thankful for the lovely harvest but we're also thankful for not having been affected by any flooding, forest fires, droughts and the mega-storms, hurricanes etc. that so many people around the world were effected by.

The square structures are our compost bins.

We're not on the grid and so far have been using the renewables as our only sources of heat and power. And even though we don't have a TV or radio, we still hear from the podcasts that we listen to, our neighbours or when in town, about the storms that are going through the U.S that eventually make their way to southern Canadian parts of the provinces, leaving tens of thousands without any heat or electricity. Wish more people would depend less on the conventional sources. Better if our governments would support/subsidies the renewables half as much as they do the oil & gas companies/industries. I suppose not until the Green Party is in power.

Anyway hard to say goodbye to it all next year if we sell the property but change is good as they say. It also feels good to know that someone else would be benefiting from the time & money that we put into this property, making their lives/transition easier :)

Before I go, as we are not on FB etc. please inform your social group of our new offering. The sustainable living coaching.

Not all of the 34 beds are shown in this picture.

I promise to write/share more :)


It was a good growing year, it was a good Summer. It was also the hottest Summer ever for us. Can't really complain when other around the globe & even here in Canada were plagued with record forest fires, extreme heat & humidity, droughts,...

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