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Loving it!!!

Greetings urban & rural gardeners,

The forest management initiative has been stopped ...indefinitely, the bugs are out in full-force, still no funding from any entity +++ or - - -, lol, but who wants to talk about that stuff?

It's Summer time!

It seems no matter how long of a day, how hot or other annoying problems, the super-long days are making-up for the shortfalls :)

And if that wasn't enough....and believe me, it is for this grateful forest-creature.....the cool starry nights, the cool, clear blue sky mornings, the growing garden(daily...heck even by the hour!), the sound of the gentle breeze going through the leaves,...are all so magical & uplifting for our spirits.

This week, we're also hoping to open the yoga/mindfulness/meditation studio going too :)

The picture is of a shy bee that did not want to be photographed, lol.


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