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My findings...your decision.

Last night I was made aware of a family member’s email about her daughter’s recent diagnosis with ADD/ADHD and how she & her whole family is seriously considering pharmaceutical drugs such as Aderal.

This still a teenager’s mom to me was one of the key individuals behind my whole lifestyle change towards the organic, drug-free and shortly after in 2001, enrolling at the herbal/naturopathic medical school.

It was admittedly not a complete shock to me because she & her whole family, led by her husband, had done a 180 degree & switched right back to everything mainstream a few years ago, sigh.

It was sad to see this unbelievable change but then again, they were in-fact just one more reason behind us removing ourselves from the mainstream & what I call the pure poison that has been our society for over a century :(

So the news of her daughter going on Aderall was devastating not just because of who she formerly was & stood for but also because of my own diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and own finding only a few years ago.

Adrenal’s many side effects include the very symptoms that the patients hope to have remedied, such as;

feeling restless, irritable, or agitated!

Folks ADD/ADHD is not a disorder, nor do I think that it should be messed around with. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with it, do yourself the biggest favour of your life & look-up the famous individuals with ADD/ADHD traits.

By famous I’m not just talking Hollywood famous such as Will Smith or Robin Williams. No I’m talking about Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Di Vincci, Albert Einstein and many more inventors that influenced our history.

This alone will prove my point but if you need anymore convincing, check-out this interview with this Stanford University’s medical doctor & department head’s interview or read her book before you consider the pharmaceutical options.

You can listen to her interview on

Fresh Air. Dec15 2016.

Dr Anna Lembke.

This post is not about why I don't want to practice medicine, allopathic or naturopathic or why I don't want to live in a conventional society & setting. I'm merely hoping that you will conduct a search and make an informed decision before you accept what the society feeds you.


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