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My apologies

Is the Winter here in full force or what? lol

Getting right into it.

Folks I wanted to apologize if I have sounded negative in any of my previous posts. Again, those who know me know how upbeat I usually am. A problem-solver, organizer, inventor, easily excited, lol, a ton of positive energy,...

But the past 2.5 years have been pretty stressful, what with the never ending construction, cost-overruns, exhausting the very finite life savings, little to no income,.....I could go on but I have to tell you that no matter how stressful, so far,lol, I would not trade it for my life in the city.

I remember asking for hope, when meditating for years!

Here there is at least hope, fresh air, clean food & water, no traffic. There is no escaping annoying people but here, there is a much lower concentration of them, lol.

Happy thoughts :)

Lol, this picture is two year old. It was at the end of a loooong Winter here & I was celebrating by shaving. Anyway I just came across it & thought that perhaps you too could use a good laugh, lol.

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