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Any takers? to start this post...

People that know me have come to recognize me as someone who prefers to give, all the time & as much as possible :)

I realize that go-givers are rare in a world where we are taught to look after #1 and perhaps even eliminate others standing in our way, basically the rule of the jungle.

I suppose that's nature doing it's work to select the "strongest".

I witnessed this my whole life, when living in large metropolitans. There were pockets where at this particular time of the year, the wealthy & the guilty would give for various reasons( tax breaks, optics, trying to look good in front of their Gods,...) whatever

But here, I'm trying to start a different kind of a community. A sincere-one, an altruistic-one, one where we can give as much as we receive. More if we can or want to.

So at this point, I would like to ask you to look inwards & see which demographic you more belong to?

If you are more of a taker, insincere, self serving with the sense of entitlement, then please stay where you're at as there is no shortage of such individuals, I am looking for the opposite :)

I'm not trying to offend here. It's just that the world is dominated by takers and all that I'm asking for is a little community where the minority can be the majority.

I have to say that these offensive? harsh? but honest posts seem to be serving their purpose as 9 out of 10 inquirers drop off after reading them, yay!

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