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Missed call

This came to me only a couple of hours ago.

It was about 20 years ago. I was in between schools & at my menial job as a glorified waiter.

One of the waitresses who was oh about 5 or so years older than me was talking to an older kitchen staff.

She was telling her how she hadn't heard her calling yet.

It was about 5 years? later when having abandoned allopathic school, I was then ready to attend the herbal/naturopathic school.

In the end, it turned-out that, that too was not my calling.

My point is that although some people know from a very early age, what they want to do with their lives, the majority of us struggle with it as we go from one unsuccessful & failed attempt to another one :(

So did I find my true calling in life? Absolutely!

I always wanted to become a healer. First myself & then others but I was stock on the traditional translation or definition of it, a physician.

But you know, sometimes(often?) a physician does not a healer make.

I now hope to encourage, enable & empower everyone to do what they love & probably make decent living from it at the same time :)

That coupled with the natural setting that offers clean air, water, food and other inspiring, positive, creative, individuals around, is a perfect recipe for healing :)

Some believe that the answer/s that we are looking/searching for is right in front of our eyes or the message has been sent to us only we are not tuned into that frequency/password necessary to see/hear/retrieve it.

So I want to leave you with this suggestion that should help you find your calling.

Make plans to get away from your current surroundings. Somewhere away from the usual city noises(cars, buses, lawnmowers, ambulances,......). Somewhere with natural beauty(a lake, an ocean, a forest, vast plains, mountains,.....).

Once you arrive there, stay there for as long as you possibly can because even though our societies have trained us for immediate gratification &

results, soul searching doesn't work like that.

Just like holistic healing, one needs to first remove all of the toxins that were built-up in one's system for decades before one can slowly heal.

So don't rush the process. pay close attention to the chirping of the different birds, the sounds(yes there are more than one) of the waves or the wind going through the trees' leaves. The scents of the different flowers, the meadows,...

If you can't immediately think of such a place, come for a visit here.

Happy discovery :)

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