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Oh yeah???

Hi Folks,

Those of you who know me, know that I'm a pretty good-natured & silly person but I don't know, some people just rub you the wrong way and... well let me tell you about a recent email & you be the judge.

" Hello, we don't know much about sustainable etc. but we are kind of prepares. We currently live in the city and make a decent living. We believe that either through an economic collapse, polar shift or alian involvement, we are going to be set for some hardship soon.

We believe that you are on the right track and so we were wondering whether we can join your Ecovillage in an event that shit hits the fan?"

Hummm... thank you for your honesty folks but you labeling yourselves as "prepares" dose not endear you to us. Besides, how are you "prepares" if you live in a city, believing what you believe in?

What I'm hearing is, "Hello, we are too smart to leave our high-paying city jobs & luxuries so we have decided to prepare ourselves to move to a self-contained, sustainable & holistic community like yours when the shit hits the fan. Because who wants to give-up money & luxuries of life when they can let someone else make all the sacrifices & do all the heavy lifting for us? Ta :)"

Folks how would you respond to someone like that? If this is you, let me just tell you that absolutely no-one is going to be tripping over themselves trying to reserve a spot for you, now or when "shit hits the fan".

What we are looking for are individuals that at the very least can stand on their own two feet but really folks who are going to be contributors not takers. The world is in the predicament that it's in because of the takers. So please don't move here.

Also, I have news for you, the proverbial shit has already hit the fan. Even those who don't believe that the news media is controlled, would know about the intense & devastating fires being followed by the worse floods, in the very same areas and within weeks of one another!

Softball baseball size hails previously unseen, prolonged & record-breaking droughts in some areas while snow in sahara, more earthquakes with more intensities, bans on rainwater collection, governments readying themselves for......, finding more moons & habitable planets only steps away from us,......

How many of you are familiar with the concept of boiling a frog alive experiment. So a frog is placed in room-temperature water. Then the temperature is raised slowly until it reaches it's boiling point. All the while the frog never jumps out.

So while some folks are still looking for THE event, others are/have been observing the changes & are/have been preparing.

An update since I last posted this post.

A good number of people are finding what they need answered on the website :)

Still a few individuals contact us with more questions, that we have gladly answered. But folks, please remember that should you require more in-depth questions answered (who, when, how, where, where,....), there will be a one-time $100 fee that comes with NO expiration or limit.

These are valuable information that we did not necessarily have access to and found-out the hard-way, when we arrived here. We have also made great sacrifices to be here and at great cost. Some/most of this cost you can avoid by having the information gathered by us.

We will not be offended if you opt out of this option. We will only be offended if you assume it to be free of charge.

In the meantime, here is a wintery scene to give you a break on a hot day :)

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