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Hello hello :)

So folks here's the second most asked question, "Can I build there for cheap?"

Well it's hard to say not knowing who you really are & what your tolerance, capabilities & needs are and I don't just mean to me but to yourself as well.

Instead I'm going to give you a few scenarios :)

If you really are frugal, tough, modest, paicant & handy then you are looking at about $10,000. Contact me If you would like to know what that really means. In the meantime please be forewarned that I have never actually met anyone that can has achieve this and have only heard.

Oh & that figure doesn't really include your land, well, septic,....

For the most part however, you are probably looking at about $80-$100/sqft. and this figure could still require you to do some of the work yourself. So a 1,000sqft home could cost you about $80-$100K. The figure would include your solar assembly & your city comforts but not necessarily your land. but you may probably have to do some of the work as well.

As for our own main building? Not wanting to revisit it so soon as the wounds are still fresh, lol. I would say that we are around the $130-$140+/sqft right now. That figure included us doing some of the work(design/architecture, labour, general contracting,...) but also includes the solar assembly and all of the luxurious of a city doweling.

This figure could easily go higher depending on how luxurious, material, speed of construction, are thinking AND whether you are willing/able to do any of the work.

So a 1,000 sqft home could cost $130-$140K+. This figure probably does not include your land.

So in short, although the construction prices are much lower than any large city, it is not free and you still require to have a decent chunk of change, lol, plus time to even consider or start dreaming of such a move.

We are of course here for you to come visit & talk to in an effort to get a more clear idea of whether you are ready for your journey


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