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Throughout the history, many discoverers came to discover whatever, when they weren't even looking for anything remotely close to what they discovered. Notice how I didn't say inventors or inventions. This is because I believe that "inventions" were always there, only the "inventor" didn't know of it's existence until....perhaps not by "accident", they came to discover them.

Who or what nudged them to make those discoveries is up for debate.

When I look back at my own life and my own discoveries, the story is pretty much the same. Over the years, I have come-up with many ideas, products, a twist or an evolution regarding an existing product or idea Or how I view life & how I live my life and more!

I know that many of you can relate to this and I bet that those of you who do not, will one day.

By the way, none of this is linked in anyway to covid whatsoever because as of this writing, we were not at all effected by this phenomenon, hysteria, turn of events or whatever you wish to call it.

Alright now that we cleared that out of they way, lets get on with the rest of this post.

A few week ago, while on a walk with an elder neighbour in our country setting, I mentioned to her how the country life humbles you, in nearly every way possible. Financially, intellectually, physically, mentally, spiritually...

I will give you one tiny example. Even 100 years ago, folks looked up at the dark sky and saw thousands of stars. Today, due to our light pollution, how many people can look up & see more than 50 stars?

Perhaps you don't see that as a big deal because we no longer need them for navigation guidance. This wasn't even something that I thought about, until I moved here. Here, where there are no street lights, or little industry, to pollute or much human population etc.

Now, on every clear night, I look up and see an insane number of stars never known to have existed in my decades of city life. It humbles you. You feel so small & insignificant by comparison. Some folks describe the same feeling when by the sea side, mountain etc. But looking at the stars quickly reminds us that all of those earthly monuments are still all only on a tiny planet.

Anyway I'm discovering more about myself. Yes perhaps some has to do with age but I have to say that most of it has to do with the setting. Living here in the great natural world, one has more time to think about what matters more and less of the chatter that exist/ed in my/our heads when we live/d in the city.

There is so much opportunity for personal growth in the nature. By comparison, there are so many distractions, annoyances,....and now covid, to clutter our minds and stop us from spiritual growth or the discoveries that perhaps came easier to those who lived centuries ago or still live in the country and surround by the natural world.

I am being contacted by city-folks, nearly everyday, that want to move to the country and New Brunswick in particular. I'm happy to know that, but that is only the first step.

They ask about cell signals, the internet speed & other city....things. I don't blame them. I suppose it is completely normal & typical.

But one has to remember that sacrifices has to be made in order to gain what is currently missing in one's life.

Thanks to covid, many many many folks are now able to work from home. People are realizing that safety, food security & community that comes with country living is far more important than fancy vacations, clothes, sporting events, the daily grind etc.

Funny, a few months ago, during the lockdown(our only one so far), I got an email from my cousins & my brother who all live in California. They said that I started the "social isolating", lol.

Here, although we live in the most populated neighbourhood of 30+ inhabitants, the homes are still far more apart than any suburbia. Roughly 500 acres.

What's even funnier is that I'm not even a full fledged introvert. I describe myself as an extroverted-introvert. So the only reason why I preferred nature to people more was because I had not found like-minded individuals and had little to no connection with any neighbours, family or co-workers. So the country life was inevitable.

Here, we also don't have to worry so much about empty shelves at the supermarket because we try to grow as much as we can and seed save for the following year. Plus now we have our chickens.

Here, we don't have to worry about neighbours ratting on one another. Instead someone is ploughing anyone's driveway, if they need it.

A few neighbours are sewing a quilt for an expecting new mother.

I make a point to ask if anyone needs anything from town, on my weekly shopping trips. I have always helped my elderly neighbour across the road but more so now with her diagnosis. Firewood, eggs, shovelling the snow, whatever. I'm not sure if any of that is happening in any city neighbourhood. They certainly did not anywhere we ever lived.

As always, I am here to help you make your transition to your new life. Whether you are considering a move to the beautiful & peaceful New Brunswick or our very own little bubble of organic grower's neighbourhood in Knowlesville.


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