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Happy thoughts :)

Are you bored out of your mind? Is the house & the neighbourhood closing in on you? Have you missed going to the gym?

The Coronavirus hysteria is nearly over and life for many will be going back to "normal". But this isn't a post about covid-19. It, is about starting a new chapter, a different way of living, a different way to deal with pain, the stresses of life and even preventative actions against what can hurt your mind & spirit. In other words, A New Day!

A scenic countryside drive will take you to where we work to help the forest. Learn about forest management, how close should the trees be from one another, how to maintain trails, etc., pick-up dead & fallen branches and make them into whimsical meandering brush-walls. All as you hear the natural brooks and the songbirds. Take in the nature & forget about your city life for a while.

You will need:

A hat, decent shoes/boots, light-coloured long sleeves shirts & pants, glasses, your lunch/snacks, work gloves, bug repellent, water bottle.

Good to have but not necessary;

Pruners & loppers.

In addition to practical exercise while enjoying & learning about the forest, you will also have the option to choose from any of the following gifts :)

A bottle of kombucha,

An all natural wooden hook,

A free yoga practice at one of our yoga studios in the forest,

Either an evergreen or maple saplings to plant in your garden. Just bring some soil in a pot with you,

A bottle of concentrated comfrey composted tea,

A bag of hardwood ash.

A jar of homemade citrus infused vinegar. Good for cleaning surfaces or even deicing your car windows. It's concentrated so you can diluted to your liking.

Please feel free to share this ad with anyone who can use the experience.

Let the forest heal you :)

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