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2020 as foresight

2020. Just another random set of numbers? OR, as I would like to think of it, a chance to be motivated to exercise some truly visionary endeavours.

As inhabitants of this lovely planet, we could use this year, the start of the new decade, to really turn things around. Our shopping habits, behaviour, the way we treat the natural world, the way each of our actions affect other beings across the planet.

For example, I would like to see car manufacturers offer more fuel-efficient vehicles because I know that they have that capability. More all-electric cars powered by clean and renewable energy sources right from our own homes, so, no loss in transition.

I would also love to finally see some revolutionary vehicle designs. In my opinion, nearly all the cars out there look basically the same. Why is that?? And don’t get me started with the super-limited choice of colours.

One exciting bit of news is Tesla’s late-November announcement of its new revolutionary truck. It comes with your choice of one, two, or three powerful battery engines. My understanding is that it can best the towing capacity of the most powerful pick-up trucks sold today. Its body is made out of undentable stainless steel and it is priced comparable to any conventional truck. Check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Continental, a German company, is doing great work in addressing the problem of the sizeable amount of used tires we generate each year. They currently have Eco tires available for purchase and at your local Canadian Tire, no less. They are also working on producing tires using dandelions. A garage-sized quantity of this amazing plant will produce a set of 4 tires; someday soon I hope.

A female Palestinian engineer has discovered a way to recycle rubble concrete into new and green concrete blocks. I would equate that to recycling aluminum cans etc. vs. mining for raw aluminum in terms of carbon footprint, resources, pollution etc.

2020 could also be the year we start to recognize events around us differently. This could possibly be the mother of all New Year’s Resolutions!

Now before you start rolling your eyes and tell me how resolutions never work, consider this.

It takes something like 21 days to form a new habit. Factors such as the environment, the motivation, the setting and the surrounding individuals all make a difference in whether we abandon those resolutions or adopt them victoriously. Is it fair then to say that resolutions don’t work if we don't stick to them for at least 21 days? Consider, too, that resolutions are harder to attain when we are stuck in the same rut with the same negativity brought on by where we live. The same negative individuals that constantly tell us that it can’t be done. The same poor diet that further weakens our already compromised immune systems... You know, the list goes on. My point is that, in all fairness, shouldn’t we at least give as much attention, time and energy to the positivity that could make that resolution stick as we have to the many years of negativity that resulted in those bad habits, before we can deem resolutions as a complete waste of time?

“One day” or “Day one”, your choice.

We hold spirit-boosting gatherings on everything from yoga, meditations, crafting and forest-bathing to cooking, baking, now calligraphy,..etc. from our off-grid homestead in the forest. Also if you are a business that would like to use the year 2020 to finally start becoming more sustainable, I will make myself available to coach you through it.

One last bit of good & exciting news to start the new year.

We are donating 10-50% of any proceeds from our workshops or overnight stays to organizations that protect the environment, social justice, anti poverty,...

If you are/work for any such organization, contacts us for the details.

Happy 2020/envisioning!

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