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A historic day, yay!

If you are like me, you are probably still rejoicing over yesterday's historic turn of events.

The Green Party has been announced as the party in power after the Liberal party's non-confidence vote and collapse, yay !!!

Here is a quick step-by-step recap of what led to the biggest announcement in Canadian history, for those of you not living in Canada.

After many years of the conservative government ruling, the Canadians finally voted-in what they perceived to be a much better option, a "liberal" government.

Soon the Canadians learned of just how similar the conservative & the liberal parties both were as they watched their newly elected "liberal" government directly invest in oil & gas and tar sands that everyone around the globe has opposed and stressed concerns over.

Sadly the bad governance did not end there as the "liberal" government's corruption and bail-out of the big businesses( snc lavalin )

and was exposed. This was perhaps the last nail in their coffin and what led to their vote of non-confidence and what put the Green Party in power.

April fools!

Oh how I wish that my news was true.

Nope, the governments rarely if ever step down willingly. It is only the citizens that need to step-up and de-throne them.

At this summer's election, will you finally end the bad management of Canada by the same old parties to rest and put the Green Party in power?

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