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Amazing II

I recently....wait a was almost a year ago, lol, wrote about an amazing lady called Meg Ruffman. Hilarious, sharp, inventive, original DIYer, writer, producer, actor,.....

After that post I decided to write about folks who were just as honest, gifted & brilliant at what they did and did not bombard the visitors on their websites with advertising.

Today I want to share with you an all lady's Celtic band from Australia called "Gone Molly".

I highly recommend them. You really don't have to be a Celtic music fan to appreciate their music. See if you can find the time to listen to some of their songs and support them in some way, if you can :)

Here is a bit about them;


– Artist of the Year 2018

– Celtic Group of the Year 2018

– Producer of the Year 2018 (Pix Vane Mason for Gone Molly)

Powerful and ethereal, Gone Molly is the new voice of contemporary Anglo-Celtic folk music. Songwriter Sally Harris and Declan Affley award winner Rebecca Wright bring to life colourful characters and tales from a rich cultural tapestry abounding in mythology, mysteries, love & loss. With their stunning eponymous debut album released in December 2017 and a steadily growing presence on the festival circuit, this enchanting duo are not to be missed.

About The Band

Over the last three years, songwriter and vocalist Sally Harris has been quietly building a repertoire of songs that bring together a love of history, mythology, traditional song, tunes and sessions. Together with one of Australia’s most well known and respected folk musicians, Rebecca Wright, these stories are brought to life with exquisite cello lines, heart melting harmonies and a delicately handled guitar.

Sally Harris

Born in the north of England, Sally retains strong links with her birth culture through music. Though relatively new as a performer on the folk music circuit, she has quickly built a reputation as a songwriter and performer to be watched. Her songs draw on the traditions of Anglo-Celtic tunes and story telling, and combine these with contemporary arrangements and ideas.

Rebecca Wright

Since winning the Declan Affley Award for Emerging Talent at the National Folk Festival in 1999, Rebecca has become well known on the Australian and international folk circuit, not only as a solo singer-songwriter, but increasingly as guest cello-singer with a range of notable artists including Fred Smith, Mark Cryle and Cloudstreet. Rebecca also often performs in a duo with her Scots husband Donald McKay, and with the Scottish dance band, The Ceilidh Clan.

Their website address is


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