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Positive Chi :)

Hello All,

Hope 2019 has been a good start for you so far.

After posting the last entry, I heard back from some of you informing me of your plans for this year.

A good number of you are hoping to sell your properties before a projected housing downturn? Lol, I've been projecting that since '07 and boy was I wrong. But who knows, perhaps you're right. After all, the real estate market has been first red & then white-hot for 2 decades now?

One of you just got word that her little girl's tumour is growing again. Folks, there is a go-fund-me campaign to help with Agata's little girl Rosy's naturopathic & homeopathic treatment. Email me if you are interested & are able to help and I will send you the link.

Some of you are really hoping that this is the year for you to finally start making real changes to the way that you live. Good for you! I completely support your decision!

You are not alone. I'm here to help :)

It's Winter. It's Winter in Canada. In fact we are having a stormy day, right now!

We may possibly end-up with 75cm by the time it's over? They are calling it historic!

Funny we keep hearing that term more & more these past 2-3 years. I guess we're re-writing history, every year now.

Last night, here at our place, we were celebrating a 13th birthday, yay!

But even though we have the largest venue for such events, with three bathrooms & what was designed to be a 24 seat organic restaurant, we could only host 2/3 of the community here.

And anytime there are so many folks in attendance, the topics of politics, Winter blues/depression or deep philosophical topics comes-up.

I got off of the political debates, news and even deep philosophical topics train years ago. I completely exhausted myself with the whole thing after decades of having immersed myself in them.

The Winter-blues/depression though is more in your face in Canada and not one that you can easily avoid. Still, I managed to steer folks away from such discussions and had great success engaging us in more light-hearted & humorous conversations. I suppose this was partly because deep down we all prefer to laugh more than to concentrate on more negative aspects of life, don't we?

I guess what I want to say here today is that, yes life is hard. Yes the conservative governments are doing whatever. Yes the Winters are long & harsh. Yes to even more that I don't want to go into that you know what they are but I for one am hoping to enjoy this snow-globe day :)

I don't know what all is going on in the cities these days but if you find that you need something a little more different, you can come visit us here.

Go snowshoeing, share your favourite recipe or learn a new favourite. Bring a friend or make new friends, play board-games, read a book or write that novel that you've been wanting to write while looking into the forest. Build an Igloo or just simply listen to the chickadees or have them eat out of your hands :)

There's a lot do to, to

make the Winters bearable and fun :because otherwise what's the alternative?

Positive Chi,


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