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Inspiring :)

According to Google, this sites gets visitors from Canada, the States, Finland, Germany, Russia, the UK,.... What they(google) can't figure out is why I'm refusing to include ads on the website and earn some income from that traffic.

It's not that I couldn't use the money, especially now, but I've been to so many sites where I've been bombarded by the pop-ups ads, ads that follow me up & down the pages as I scroll them, unrelated, intrusive, annoying, The saddest part is that these ads are on supposed good-folk's sites. You know, the homesteading sites or the wholesome sites etc. Desperate times I guess, sigh.

So I've held back on that approach in an effort to remain, honest, non-distracting, approachable, sincere & simple so that you the reader/visitor can find the information that you're looking for.

In today's post I wanted to ask you to tell me about an inspiring website or folks who are genuinely doing good, honest & sincere work so that I can showcase them with others from around the globe so that they can get the recognition that they deserve.

The topic can really be on anything. Humanitarian work, woodworking, recipes, music, art, innovations,....

Although this will be a free advertising form for them, I would like to stay with the same basic thyme of honest & no advertising bombardment on their sites as well.

So let me know if you know of any such sources of inspiration(hope it's not too challenging of a task. I mean about the no advertising, lol), so that they can be celebrated & inspired from :)


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