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Firstly a big apology to those armchair pioneers who have been patiently waiting for a new post. Been busy with life, the weather & getting the 34 raised beds ready to put to sleep . Well with the exception of the ones that are going to have the garlic gloves planted in them.

Which reminds me that they still need to get planted.

We are having a lovely snow-globe day here. Yeah I know, we're still a couple of calendar months away from Winter. But I also know that others are having it much worse elsewhere around the globe. With so many more high category hurricanes(now hurricane Willa) and even snow in Texas??? normalcy & calendar seasons all go out the window.

Blame it on the manmade or natural global warming, earth's wobble as it gets ready to reverse it's polarity or whatever, this seems to be the new norm.

Yes I know that this is not a picture of a snow-globe day but neither me or my camera were ready to accept it, alright? lol

If it makes you feel any better, I can change the tittle to Happy Thanksgiving :)

Anyway today's post is about contemplating, surrendering/accepting, meditating, disconnecting & reconnecting.

I clearly remember those snow-globe days from the previous Winters. They brought with them a sense of stillness & quiet that we so desperately need in the cities.

A peacefulness that blankets us all and not just someone meditating alone at home, in a group yoga session or some fancy meditation resort. It's like a black/brown-out only this time it's happening in the morning with the lovely big snow flacks that seem to surround us with a this whimsical & heavenly white glow :)

Both events ground us & bring us together, if only for a short while.

There are no shortage of peace & quiet out here in the forest with the only distractions being the sounds of the songbirds foraging what they can on their migratory way, an alert red-fox scanning the forest floor and partridges & wild turkeys keeping hush as they try to avoid the predators.

Even the larger animals like bears, deer & mouse all silently navigate their way through the forest with little to no sound, amazing!!

For me, today's snow-globe effect is just a reminder of where I am and this opportunity to calm my restlessness that was both inherited genetically and by having lived a distractive metropolitan life for over four decades.

It's not easy quieting down such a mind but thankfully the setting is an enormous gift that's helping me :)

Here's hoping that you too can find at least a quiet corner where you live, to look inwards & contemplate.

If for whatever reason you don't have such a space available to you, come share our yoga/meditation studio with us, either by yourself or as a group.

There's no charge to use the studio regardless of whether you are staying with us as a paid guest or just traveling through. It's to share :)


For those of you who didn't believe me & demanded proof, lol.

It's slowly melting, yay!

rereconnecting. reconnectinf

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