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Stephen Hawking & Albert Einstein

The world lost a great icon today. Stephen Hawking was a true intellect, funny, compassionate,.... And although much of his theories went right over my head, he was still able to teach someone as ignorant as me a lesson or two and for that alone I thank him.

We can debate whether he could have even made more discoveries had he not been effected by ALS or whether IT contributed to his genius.

I feel sad knowing that he is not here to go on discovering & teaching us more but I also know that he was not the only-one with such intellect. There are probably thousands of such individuals right here that either I haven't heard of or not many are aware of. Still, they are here & we should hear them out.

Sad as I am about the news of his passing, I'm happy to know that he is perhaps only now truly able to test his probabilities & theories, now that he has shed his physical carbon-based form for a lighter more fluid form of energy.

On this day we also celebrate another such genius, Albert Einstein was born this day. Strangely enough they both worked in the same basic field.

Oh how I wonder whether Albert Einstein was there on Stephen Hawking's final moments on Earth to greet him and help him with his transition. I always wondered what physical form we would take once we are done with our final skin? Youthful, the age/face when we did our most influential/impactful work or our old/er form?

So are Albert Einstein & Stephen Hawking discussing & walking side by side as young adults, as we last saw them or simply as energy forms?

How would the conversations go? Any debates? Are the mysteries immediately now apparent? What next for these never idling minds?

One other question that I have been wondering about is whether individuals like them had outside help in coming-up with their theories, discoveries, inventions,...?

By that I mean, if we were to look at any of the prophets, great inventors, discoverers,...nearly non of them had extraordinary childhoods, parents, lives, diet, exercise,... Certainly nothing only unique to them. So why or how did they accomplish what they did?

Thank you both for your contributions to our lives & understandings. Your Brief History of Time,... your Theory of Relativity,....

Hopefully we can recognize, respect & listen to other such individuals like you who currently live amongst us, in our life-form.

Namaste Albert Einstein

Namaste Stephen Hawking

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