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New Year's resolution...take #30

More often than not, I hear from folks who have not been able to keep to their New Year's resolutions.

It made me wonder why? I mean, we must have recognized the need for that particular resolution so why not follow through?

My guess is that as oh 90% of us live in large/r cities, we lack the ability & opportunity to quiet-down the noise, the distractions, the speed of the pace and the societal impositions to enable us to really focus on our new year's resolutions.

This was a personal battle for me for decades and it wasn't until I removed myself from that setting that I was finally able to think & focus in the peace & quiet before I could start my journey of self-discovery & awareness.

My suggestion to any of you who can also relate to my story is to find yourself a quiet place out of town to go to. The length of time or frequency of your visits really depends on how much time you are able to take off work/family, your resources and how gratifying & helpful you feel this time is to you :)

You are always welcome to visit us here :)

Much love and best of luck in the new year :)


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